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Fire prevention
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Make sure you’re
sufficiently protected

Sprinkler installation

During a fire, an automatic sprinkler system not only ensures that your building is protected but can also save lives. Don’t wait until it’s too late! Call on the fire protection services of our certified team today!

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Fire protection

Design and engineering

The Acme Sprinklers team includes all the experts you need for each phase of your sprinkler system and fire pump installation, from plan design to implementation. You’ll have the assurance of knowing you can rely on a fire protection system that complies with industry regulations and manufacturer recommendations.

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Your protection is our priority

Acme Sprinklers, a family owned
and operated business

At Acme Sprinklers, we’ve made it our mission to protect businesses and residences against the ravages of fire. Our adventure began in 1967 with brothers Georges and Jean-Marie Péloquin. After honing their knowledge and skill in the area of fire protection systems, they proudly founded their own company, ACME Sprinklers Ltd. In time, they passed their knowledge down to Georges’ sons, Pierre and Daniel, who joined the team once they completed their university studies.

Équipe gicleurs

As of 2017, the company boasts some fifty employees, and management has been taken over by the third generation, with Yanik Péloquin now at the helm as president. Before accepting this position, he served as an engineer and project manager for 20 years.

Safety first

Whether it’s a matter of installing a sprinkler system or a fire pump, we’re here to ensure the safety of your buildings and their occupants.

Optimum quality

We make it our priority to install fire protection systems, such as automatic sprinklers, in compliance with safety regulations and at an optimum value for the price.

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famille Péloquin

Innover grâce à l’imagination

Depuis 2017, les nouveaux administrateurs de Gicleurs ACME Ltée, une entreprise ­familiale de Boucherville en affaires depuis 55 ans, sont parvenus à doubler leur nombre d’employés et à ­tripler leur chiffre d’affaires. Mais les gestionnaires de la troisième génération, la famille Péloquin, cherchent à laisser leur marque autrement.

Yanik Péloquin, président de Gicleurs Acme

La relève d’une PME familiale – Nécessaire, mais jamais simple…

Le Québec entrepreneurial connaît un afflux de transferts générationnels de la direction et de la propriété de PME d’origine familiale. Or, pour les «repreneurs» d’une PME familiale, il n’est jamais évident de bien réaliser un tel transfert de la propriété.

Our projects

Over 100 projects per year

Family owned and operated

The new generation

Yanik Péloquin

Sandra Péloquin

Mathilde Péloquin
Financial manager

Gabriel Péloquin
manager and fire protection mechanic

We serve Montreal, Laval, the North and South Shore areas and the province of Quebec

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